This book is a collaboration between my wife and myself; she was in charge of creating the recipes, and I took the pictures and the food styling, as well as the cover and back cover pictures. It’s a cookbook focused exclusively on brownies: the brownies we bake at Juliette & Chocolat (our company), and also the brownies we bake at home.
        As the book is also about our family life juggling entrepreneurship and kids, it includes comics which I drew. Comic pages are pencil, watercolor and ink on board, cleaned up and lettered in Photoshop. 
The book is in French only, and is available here.

LES BROWNIES DE JULIETTE, by Juliette Brun, Lionel May
Les Éditions La Presse
200 pages, 7 1/2 x 10 
ISBN : 978-2-89705-907-1
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