A graphic novel set in a sprawling, decaying city in the near future. The main character is a private detective who - in classic film noir fashion - takes on a small case that turns out to be hiding something much bigger.
The lower, poorer levels of the city where the story takes place are inspired by the back alleys of Montreal where I live and their pieced-together decrepit buildings and shacks, with some Brazil and Blade Runner thrown in. ​​​​​​​
These are some of the first pages of the comic, as well as some process shots: character sketches, penciled pages, and rough pencil layouts. Everything was drawn, then inked with Chinese ink, and finally scanned and colored in Photoshop. 
The story is about an illegal snuff reality show filmed with tiny drones designed to look like mosquitoes. The comic includes lots of macro views of the drones, so I ended up building a blown-up scale model of a drone to photograph and composite into the drawn pages. The model is about 50 cm long, build from Sculpey, plastic, metal and actual 16mm camera lenses, and fully articulated and poseable.  
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