Cubies are a line of brownie-based confections developed for Juliette & Chocolat. With Juliette (my wife and business partner in Juliette & Chocolat) we conceived the product and developed the line; I did the package concept and art direction. Graphic design is by our in-house graphic designer.
The concept was to reinvent the chocolate bonbon in a larger, two-bite format that would incorporate brownies and to make a delicious and fun product. The result is a two-layer cube (a bottom layer of brownie and a top layer of either caramel, praline, or fruit paste) that is then dipped in dark or milk chocolate. The five Cubies are color-coded to identify the flavors. 
Below, Cubies being made at our Chocolate Lab: caramel Cubies on the conveyor belt still fresh from their dark chocolate bath and peanut Cubies before and after their milk chocolate bath. 
Cubies are sold in the Juliette & Chocolat stores and online.
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